The Future of Mobility Retailing -
Are automakers and retailers ready for the future?
Shanghai Automotive Roundtable, October 24th 2018

How will the future’s car dealers sell customers the innovative products mobility providers have to offer, like ridesharing and autonomous vehicles?

A broad range of consumer surveys revealed that hardly anyone finds today’s automotive shopping experience—researching, contacting the dealership, test driving, financing, and closing the deal—efficient and satisfying. The Internet is eating the reason to visit a dealer.

Dealer visits dropped from over 4 visits to 1.3 before buying a car. Just 17 out of more than 4,000 car shoppers surveyed worldwide said that they were happy with the status quo car-buying process. Other industries, such as fashion retailing, consumer electronics, real estate and sports equipment already undertook bold moves to become more customer-centric. Being in China, the future of mobility is surrounding us already. It is inevitable that automakers and dealerships need to change their traditional set-ups to charm well-informed and highbrowed customers looking for customization and connectedness.

Featured Speakers

  • Mr. Daniel Schmollinger, Vice President Network Management & Development, Porsche (China) Motors Limited
  • Mr. Patrick Peter, Head of Next Mobility Lab,mediaman
  • Mr. Steven Zhao, Vice President, NIO User Center

When: Wednesday, October 24th 2018, 17:30

17:30 – 18:40 Registration and Networking Dinner

Fee: 150 RMB/Person, incl. 1 Welcome Drink if registered by October 22nd.
After October 22nd, 250 RMB / Person

18:45 // Porsches’ Future Retail Strategy

By Mr. Daniel Schmollinger, Vice President Network Management & Development, Porsche (China) Motors Limited

Retail evolution prevails in automotive industry in past years. Customer interaction and experience are becoming crucial and automotive brands are placing more attention and focus on those topics. In addition, online experience like digitalized platforms are also widely developed and applied to bring the convenience to customers.

Porsche, known as one of the most premium automobile brands in the world for decades, will share his viewpoint towards future retail trend and his strategic approach leading to future retail ultimate picture.

Daniel Schmollinger, over 15 years’ management experience in luxury automotive wholesale and retail, will deliver the strategic view of Porsche’s Future Retail Strategy.

19:05 // The New Retail Reality that is Shaping the Future of Mobility

Mr. Patrick Peter, Head of Next Mobility Lab, mediaman

With over 20 years of experience in digital strategies, products and experiences, mediaman is an established agency in the automotive industry.

Headquartered in Germany, and with offices in the US and China, mediaman transforms business processes, realizes user experience design and shapes the future of mobility with its Next Mobility Lab, where scientists, UX designers, IT specialists and startup founders jointly research where and how digitization is affecting the mobility market.

Patrick Peter is the Head of mediaman’s Next Mobility Lab. In his presentation "The New Retail Reality" he describes the fundamental shift from pure offline mobility shopping to integrated online-offline experiences. Using the three paradigms of integration, experience and community, he shows how leading brands have successfully transformed themselves into experience shopping providers.

19:25 // Nio House: Innovating Mobility Retailing

By Mr. Steven Zhao, Vice President, NIO User Center

NIO is currently one of the most exciting new EV manufacturers in China. Founded only 4 years ago by Chinese Internet billionaire William Li and invested by tech companies such as Tencent and Baidu, the company’s approach is to create a joyful lifestyle and mobility experience.

NIO sets new standards in automotive retail with its showrooms located at premium malls called “NIO house”, a lounge-like space for customers to spend quality time while their vehicles are maintained or recharged. Steven Zhao, Vice President of NIO User Center, will share the vision behind the NIO House, what kind of experience is provided, how visitors are engaged and how NIO measures the experience value and effects of the NIO House.

19:45 // Panel Discussion: The Future of Mobility Retailing-Are automakers and retailers ready for the future?

Moderator: Mr. Michael Adick, Managing Director,Auto Industry, Accenture Greater China

Michael is Managing Director Automotive Industry at Accenture Greater China. With near 18 years of hands-on industry and consulting experience in China, Michael is intimately familiar with the automotive industry and focuses primarily on supporting the major automotive OEMs with their Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Aftersales topics in China.

20:05 // Q&A session


Sinan Mansions, 523 Fuxing Road, Bld 26D, Shanghai, China 200025

8 min walk from Metro lines Xintiandi station 10/13 exit 5 turn left!


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