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AB Inbev X-KTV

The leading multinational beverage and brewing manufacturer, AB InBev, has reached out to mediaman for a reformulation of its interactive KTV table. This request was prompted after unsatisfactory results from user response after the first generation product was launched.

Project Intro

AB InBev partners with mediaman to pilot a new key product strategy, precisely for their interactive KTV table, to increase user engagement and keep them relevant as the industry evolves.

mediaman worked with AB InBev to carry out a high level program of research on the usability issues of the previous generation. Questionnaires were conducted in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Insights gathering was undertaken to support the planning of a new product and development roadmap that adds entertainment value, and communicates a strong brand principle.

Project Story

Research is key. A structured research approach included gathering qualitative findings that would drive focused insights and provide a clear next-step plan. We undertook contextual inquiries as well as interviews to understand the expectations of the end users.

Evaluation of previous research, competitor activity, conversion performance and social sentiment analysis provided a crucial baseline and helped to ensure we identify the full spectrum of user needs.

We analyzed the data and segmented the responses, our vision was unhindered – the previous generation with features such as food ordering did not in fact add any additional value to the KTV experience.

What mattered most to users was whether this product enhances the process by making it more entertaining, which in turn should drive sales now and in the future.

We therefore redefined our product strategy. This is a gadget not limited to additional product features, but an interface that should elevate the entire KTV atmosphere and drive a more enjoyable journey for users.

This product is a proof of idea, but represents a significant step forward in the use of technology to interact with users in a personalized way, and understand user behavior at a very granular level.


mediaman re-imagined the digital interaction process to better fit the charm of the product.

Ultimately, we found that innovation was not simply about adding more functions to the table but putting the needs of our users at the center of our creation.

From product strategy to redesigning the interactive features – together this showcases an all-new initiatives that highlight AB InBev’s unique brand experience.

Project Team
Product Director

Demi Gong

Senior Business Consultant

Jack Fu

Information Architect

Kelvin Zhou

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