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Fascination Porsche

It's a dream come true: Experiencing the legacy and fascination of Porsche, the iconic German brand of luxury sports cars. A pop-up format travelling throughout China celebrates their racing history and future technology, in which mediaman created all digital applications, from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Holograms to Gamification and Audiovisual Experiences.

What is Fascination Porsche

"Fascination Porsche" is a pop-up store format introducing the brand, current models and future innovations of Porsche to visitors all over China. The portable booth format welcomes guests to enter the space and experience the fascination of the German sports cars brand in many ways, and via multiple digital applications.

A key focus is on Porsche's legacy in car racing, an important brand element which not all consumers in China are aware of, since Porsche is mainly perceived as a luxury brand. Fascination Porsche also presents iconic models from the past, which were not sold in the Chinese market and are therefore an eye-catching rarity.

Many brand stories are told using innovative digital technology, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Holograms, iBeacons and other audio-visual installations.

Our role in this project

Our role in this project was to create the entire set of digital applications for the pop-up store, based on the event concept of the lead agency VOK DAMS.

Developing applications that are used intensively by people with different levels of technology experience, for a period of 12 months and moved between 20 different locations, required some particular features:

  • Intuitive interfaces that work without instructions (although instruction is provided).
  • Media-appropriate narrative context letting users immerse in the technology.
  • A certain level of [h]robustness, which can be touched by millions of fingers.
  • Portability, easy to pack, unpack and install.

But most important in this project was the intention of Porsche, to deliver the content with innovative technologies. The pop-up store booth comprises of 13 different applications, where many of them offer an entirely new experience to visitors in China.

We integrated an Augmented Reality walk around a Panamera, where new features are presented through a Hololens. We created virtual reality experiences that included watching, listening and interaction.

And we presented the new Mission E concept in an exciting hologram. Visitors can slide through a timeline of historic Porsche models, they can play a racing game on a touch table, they can create racing posters of themselves, and, and…

The key application that is holding it all together, however, is a WeChat based CRM application that each visitor activates when entering the booth. The App tracks and rewards each visitor, while giving Porsche insights about their audience.

Key Take-Aways

The project style fits the subject: It was a high-paced process with high-quality result. It took only two months to define and deploy all digital applications, thanks to a very collaborative, agile working style, where all involved parties were able to work efficiently and in a connected way.

Finally, data shows that the concept works and that it engages people to stay, interact and learn more about the brand, and eventually sign up to drive a Porsche.

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