Creating a New Haier Ecosystem

Through user-centric thinking, mediaman created a connected, digital ecosystem for Haier where every touch point was designed to make life easier for users. For Haier, the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer, digital transformation is all about the shift towards user centricity.

Project Intro

Haier envisioned to develop an integrated strategy that would make the brand experience more frictionless, by putting users at the heart of the organization.

In order to make Haier’s digital services customer-centric i.e. creating a digital experience that is tailored and personalized to each user, mediaman proposed a comprehensive digital ecosystem program- a strategy that unites its cross-division functionality and departments under one platform.

A structure that would represent the company’s many complex offerings under the singular focus of providing essential home appliance to all users.

Project Story

The Haier ecosystem, pioneered by mediaman, was introduced after gaining insights into the needs and requirements centered on key members of the organization through conducting weekly rounds of iterative interviews with their internal departments as they were defined as the first group of target users.

This provided insights and an empirical basis for developing the ideal digital solution and the business case to support its implementation.

We redefined Haier’s digital positioning by orchestrating all aspects of the overhaul of the brand’s digital strategy, from applications to platforms and products, changing the way content is communicated on each channel.


By establishing a standardized layout, we built back-end modules to complement the page and simplify navigation in order to present what users need most.

Our goal was to ensure each internal division felt like a part of a cohesive whole that worked together to deliver the technology users need every day.

The ecosystem ties all of the elements together, immersing the user in a digital spider web when scrolling through content on each channel.

A brilliant incorporation of technology of the Haier brand is the laundry smartphone application that allows college students to reserve and control washing machines on campuses, creating a digital experience that brings customer experience strategy to life- including the ability to seamlessly integrate with and move from one channel to the next across changing digital and offline channels.

Project Team
Irene Pan

Account Manager

Product Director

Demi Gong

UI Designer

Demos Gong

Information Architect

Ivan Ye

Senior Business Consultant

Jack Fu

Senior Art Director

Nesta Li

UI Designer

Usagi Zhang

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