Your Porsche, Your Way: Redefining the Delivery Experience


mediaman is thrilled to announce that our innovative project, "Porsche Delivery Experience," has been honored with the 2023 DMA Award in Silver for the category of "Best Use of Mobile Apps and Websites" in Greater China.

Porsche Delivery Experience

Reshaping the vehicle delivery process to provide a truly personalized experience for customers.

Recognizing a Special Moment

Receiving a new car is a pivotal moment in a customer's journey, often filled with anticipation and excitement. A positive, emotionally resonant delivery experience not only influences the owner's perception of the brand but also fosters loyalty and advocacy. Surprisingly, this critical phase is sometimes overlooked by automotive brands. Extensive research among existing owners and on social media highlighted a growing demand for diverse and unique delivery options, coupled with dissatisfaction over inconsistent dealership services in China. The primary objective was to introduce innovative delivery experiences while ensuring that dealerships perceived these enhancements as valuable additions, rather than additional burdens.

Tailoring Deliveries to Every Customer

Our project aimed to personalize the car handover experience, understanding that not everyone wants a grand celebration. We provided customers with choices tailored to their preferences, creating a service blueprint that considered individual requirements and dealership capabilities. We used a WeChat Mini Program for seamless communication between dealers and customers. This approach allowed customers to select when, where, and how they receive their Porsche while streamlining the process for dealers, reducing wait times and paperwork. Dealers also had the opportunity to offer premium experiences for additional revenue, like special gift-wrapping or racetrack handovers with driver training, catering to unique customer desires.

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Process enhancement on both sides

The application prioritizes flexibility, emotions, and convenience. Flexibility caters to different dealership needs, accommodating varying resources, delivery spaces, time constraints, and offerings. Customers are provided with automated time slot options, creating a visible delivery schedule for dealership staff to enhance efficiency and avoid resource conflicts. The user-friendly management interface was developed in collaboration with dealership staff for practicality.

On the customer side, the app enhances anticipation and excitement. Customers receive personalized WeChat invitations with a unique greeting and a visual representation of their Porsche model. Within the app, they can explore themed delivery packages, select a preferred time, and request additional customizations. Customers can also choose to have professional photos taken during delivery, accessible for download as cherished memories or social media sharing through the app. The app's intuitive, self-explanatory design allows easy onboarding for new dealerships and staff members, typically taking less than a minute, requiring only a WeChat account. Similarly, customers can effortlessly book deliveries without the need for elaborate instructions.

Together on the path to maturity

The collaborative approach has proven highly effective. In a relatively short timeframe, the initial pilot dealerships successfully processed a significant number of deliveries using the app. Sales consultants have eagerly embraced the tool to provide customers with personalized delivery experiences, exceeding our expectations.

A recent survey conducted by Porsche China gathered feedback from dealership staff members regarding the app's utility. The results showed a strong consensus, with a majority rating the app as very useful. They particularly appreciated the app's flexible scheduling and its user-friendly interface. Many dealers also offered valuable insights for further improvements.

Customers, too, have expressed their satisfaction with the app. They appreciate the convenience it offers and the various options available to tailor their delivery experience.

Looking ahead, the program is poised for a nationwide rollout in China. Further integration with Porsche's existing CRM and POS systems is on the horizon, along with the addition of new features aimed at enhancing the new car delivery process and the overall Porsche ownership experience.

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