An immersive configuration experience for the world's most desirable cars


The Mercedes-Maybach XR Concierge has been awarded at the
2023 TIGER ROARD AWARDS in two different categories.

  • Excellence Award / 2023 Intelligent Interaction Maybach XR Concierge​

  • Excellence Award / 2023 Metaverse marketing Maybach XR Concierge

    We are super excited and honored to receive this award for our work with Mercedes-Benz China.

  • The Maybach XR Concierge

    The Maybach XR Concierge is a luxurious visual configuration experience combining hyper-realistic 3D visualization with haptic interaction.

    Maybach XR Concierge

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    Highly visual, yet invisible

    Mercedes-Maybach stands for ultimate luxury in its most modern form. The brand's style is characterized by sublime beauty, supreme aesthetics, and grace. With the “Maybach Atelier”, Mercedes-Maybach recently launched an exclusive retail space in Shanghai for customers to create their individual future Maybach vehicle.

    Mercedes-Maybach commissioned mediaman to develop the central element of the studio, a digital configurator and visualizer, and to embed it in the exclusive environment. The result is a highly visual yet invisible digital experience that serves as a sketchbook for a professional conversation between the sales representative and the customer.

    Visual stands for the highest 3D visualization quality of Unreal Engine 4, a leading gaming technology that is increasingly finding its way into other industries.

    Invisible means that technology is embedded discreetly in the room without dominating the environment, leaving the stage for visualization and human interaction.

    Exploring the Luxury

    The name „Atelier Maybach“ implies a reference to an artistic place where the customer and a consultant select the most suitable options to create a unique composition from a wide range of choices. This “manufaktur” aspect and the focus on the BTO (Build-to-Order) strategy of Mercedes-Maybach in China shall inspire the customer’s creativity and desire for the brand.

    Displayed in portrait format on a large 83-inch OLED screen, the user is immediately drawn into the luxurious world of Maybach. The experience leads through a multi-sensory journey that takes the user around and into the car, introducing technology, comfort and luxury features, and additional equipment.

    Prospective buyers are not only shown possible configurations of the Maybach, they are also taken on a visual tour that highlights equipment details inside and out as well as simulated technical features that are difficult to describe but can be experienced instead.

    For example: How does the rear axle steering work? What advantages does digital light offer?

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    Comfort at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

    The focus was to give control over direction and pace to the consultant who is trained in the technology and knows the vehicles inside out. The consultant controls the individual steps with an iPad and can adapt each part to a customer’s needs as desired.

    With a clear, functional user experience that supports the consultant in all process steps, the iPad app is a central tool in the configuration process. The interface design visualizes the different aspects of the configuration, presented in many elements such as large format index cards, simple and intuitive icons and contextual instructions.

    In addition to the digital configuration, physical color and material samples equipped with sensors can be added to a digital configuration simply by placing the object on the desk where the conversation is taking place.

    The Answer to a Customer Centric Configuration Experience

    All this relieves the customer of the burden of having to prove themselves with a new technology. Instead, they can fully concentrate on the vehicle and the most important configuration choices, making it a joyride through their future car. Lean back and enjoy the ride!

    The Maybach 3D Visualizer is a highly orchestrated customer experience designed to cover an exclusive, secluded consultation process from start to finish, allowing customers to take their configuration with them with a simple WeChat scan.

    mediaman integrated several technologies, such as an Unreal Engine-based car-visualizer, iPad control, RFID sensors and WeChat applets to achieve a multi-sensory customer experience that goes beyond the showroom with personalized and shareable content.