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Connectivity, Mobility, Intelligent Solutions and Emotional Experiences

Vehicle connectivity for the premium level: "Mercedes me", the new service brand from Daimler, bundles existing digital services with new mobility and connectivity - available on smartphone, tablet and desktop. Envisioned, prototype, created and rolled out with mediaman.

Project Intro

"Mercedes me" is the access to the personalized, individual and exclusive Mercedes-Benz world. It features Connectivity, Mobility, Intelligent Solutions and Emotional Experiences. mediaman has been a leading partner in this project since day one: From Initial Proof-of-Concept to the engineering of business requirements, to the actual execution of the development, and the rollout in many countries, with a customized approach for China in particular.

Since 2012, we’ve been involved in the development of this platform for the use and management of all existing and new Mercedes-Benz Connect services, which also informed, inspired and entertained customers and interested parties. The goals: customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.

Project Story

It was necessary to connect a wide range of different platforms, content, applications and systems - an extremely complex task, for the most diverse specialist teams on the customer side as well as on the agent side work. "Mercedes me" promised to become an organizationally challenging project: one customer, several agencies, many stakeholders, project participants and a lot of coordination. In the large-scale project for which mediaman was able to contribute its respective specific competencies over several years in synergetic cooperation with other agencies, a more than 40 employees were involved in Germany and China.

The result - a comprehensive, digital performance portfolio: Mercedes-Benz has been the interface for all Connected Car services in responsive web design with "Mercedes me".

In addition to content with a pure informational character, the end customer, who focuses on the platform, expects, above all, exclusive advantages in terms of security, time saving and comfort: practical apps and helpful tips help him to master the everyday challenges of modern mobility without leaving his comfort zone.


"Mercedes me" creates a significant added value for Mercedes drivers. The platform is a communication interface: the manufacturer remains in contact with the customer. The customer with his vehicle. The vehicle with a service. Everywhere and everytime.

While the platform remains an integrated part of Daimler’s “One Web” strategy, Mercedes Me in China is evolving into a localized customer experience, catering to the needs of Chinese customers, offline and online. With its specific focus on social integration and e-commerce, it has set a benchmark for other car brands in terms of integrated digital services.