Bringing Storytelling and Personality to Tecno

TECNO Mobile Global Portal

Before we think about the future of a brand, we invest real time into understanding its culture and the way in which it creates its products and interacts with people. This is how we created a strategy and drive growth in an honest and authentic fashion for Tecno.

Project Intro

Taking a popular mobile phone brand to greater heights, Tecno had built a loyal user base and was growing steadily when they approached mediaman for a redesign of their digital experience that would engage their international audience.

Servicing over 50 countries around the globe, their product is one that’s used with resonance that’s remembered.

Our challenge was to create an identity system, simplify and clarify their brand platform to help scale the business and spur rapid growth in user base. From the get-go, our vision was to build a digital platform that put brand awareness in clear site of the user.

Project Story

mediaman brings the emotions of the brand center stage, creating a global platform that embraces product-led storytelling as its strategic foundation. It’s more than a product site, this is a place where Tecno becomes real, online. Every Tecno product has a story, and each story comes alive with in-depth information. We connected editorial content, brand campaigns, and product stories to encourage the Tecno audience to immerse themselves in what they enjoy. Directed towards the 18-35 year-old core, our digital experience is designed for thumb-first interaction. The navigational structure alters between mobile, tablet and desktop, ensuring we’re serving the user based on device type and behavior. Through a research-proven approach, we created an experience that works, looks, and feels like an app.

Establishing a new design language and standards, the new creative direction is distinctively Tecno: trendy, streamlined, beautiful. The design system embraces an open environment, pushing the content to hero status and the brand continually forward.

Product pages now share unique stories around features and highlights; we elevated the importance of lifestyle photography and video, establishing strong art direction standards.

We teamed up with its teams in digital, brand, marketing, and technology. We worked iteratively to establish a system of site components that can be used repeatedly; they are flexible enough for new campaigns, trends, and product changes.


Telling the story beautifully and concisely via immersive content and a delightful user experience, and in so doing, educates users quickly and significantly on the Tecno branding.

With a key focus on improving time to market and localization across more than 50 markets, mediaman created a ‘digital experience manager’ that enables each region to build out its own front-end.

Our style guide shows marketing teams how to use, interact, and edit the site components and code, empowering Tecno to be wholly digital.

Please visit: http://www.tecno-mobile.com/