Venture Architect
  • Shanghai, China
  • 03 二月, 2019
  • Concept department

We are looking for a Venture Architect to join our “Future of Retail” product team. You will love to craft and build new businesses and understands how (and why) designing products and services can drive strategic growth for our clients. You will have a demonstrated ability to work with a broad set of designers (Interaction, Communication, Industrial, etc.) to bring products to life and to market. For this position, we expect you to be the business anchor on the team ensuring that the viability of new concepts are thoroughly considered. In this capacity, you’ll work with the team to understand the client context, collect and interpret relevant data, develop insights, explore and define growth opportunities, define strategy, create tangible design expressions, communicate the vision, and ultimately help get new offers to market. You should have a depth of experience in business model design, market analysis, financial modeling, and implementation. In your past life, you may have been an intra- or entrepreneur, product manager, or consultant – with experience bringing a scalable new offer to market. You fundamentally think that when you design a new product, service, or experience, you’re simultaneously designing the broader business strategy and roadmap for future growth.


  • Design business models that enhance and extend retail experiences
  • Collaborate with clients to understand their business challenges and opportunities and to help identify and prioritize their near and long term goals
  • Partner with various designers to create new and evolve existing physical and/or digital products in ways that foster strategic business growth
  • Use financial modeling to explore the business model possibilities behind product concepts

Required skills

  • A master degree in business or engineering is a plus, with a minimum 5 years’ relevant industry experience, i.e. automotive, retailing, digital, gathered either in consulting, venture capital, start-up or agency
  • Successful candidates offer in-depth knowledge in product management, business modeling and operations/finance
  • Operational experience in or a deep understanding of taking offerings to market and scaling, whether as an entrepreneur or product owner/manager
  • Familiarity with project management tools and Agile development
  • Excellence in complex business model development, scenario planning, and forecasting, with a depth of experience using excel as a baseline
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English and Mandarin

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